Adoption Process

1. Check out our Smoochers online!

2. Contact BRC and chat about the right cat for you

3. Meet and greet – the feeling has to be mutual!

4. House inspection – we need to make sure the kitties will be safe 🙂

5. Adoption fee and paperwork – must be received/completed before you take your snuggle bunny home!

6. Adoption trial – we offer a trial period of 2 weeks (more if required). If your kit isn’t the right fit BRC will happily take them back and refund your adoption fee. If you fall in love and can’t be without them, we send in all the paperwork for you and the little mite is all yours. Congrats!!

7. Enjoy your new family member – remember we rehome our cats as indoor only (unless you have an enclosure) to keep them safe from injuries & ticks.

Pets are for life but BRC will always take back an ex-BRC kitty, just contact us!